This “Permanent Contact Lens” Helps Even Those with Astigmatism
Written by Troy Cole
Any contact lens user will tell you: YES, contacts are so much more convenient than prescription glasses. BUT they come with their own set of frustrations that make standard contacts lenses far from perfect.

Some of the most common and obvious contact lens complaints:
  • You have to take them out every day
  • ​You have to clean them
  • ​They dry out your eyes
  • ​You must go in each year to get an updated prescription
  • ​You have to keep up with all the supplies while you travel
  • ​You must spend money and time on them, day after day, month after month, seemingly… forever.
And the list goes on.

That’s why in the early 2000s, a group of scientists set out to create a new kind of permanent contact lens. They developed a technology that would revolutionize contacts as we know them - an advanced, permanent contact lens called The Visian ICL.
The Permanent Contact Lens Advantage
Unlike your normal, run-of-the-mill contact lenses, Visian ICL is not a daily, weekly or extended wear device. It is actually a permanent contact lens.

You may be thinking, “Wait, I thought that kind of thing only existed in sci-fi movies!”

The Visian ICL is indeed a futuristic technology, but it has actually been available to patients for more than a decade. In fact, more than 1 million Visian ICL procedures have been performed, helping people around the world untether from the daily hassles of old-school contact lenses.

Rather than having to place contacts in your eyes each morning, remove them each night, clean them, store them, and so forth, the Visian ICL simplifies your journey to crisp, clear and convenient vision.

As a permanent contact lens, the Visian ICL is actually placed just below the surface of the eye (the cornea), by a surgeon. The procedure takes a matter of minutes, and wearers report getting back to their normal activities the following day.

Once in place, the Visian ICL is maintenance-free. No supplies. No monthly re-orders. No losing them at the most inopportune times. In fact, you won’t even see or feel the Visian ICL. But you will experience the benefits.
”It’s Like a Night-and-Day Difference”
Many of us have fallen asleep in our contacts and paid the price the next day upon waking. With Visian ICL permanent contact lenses, you can sleep in your contacts - for years - without concern.

“I didn’t even know this kind of technology was an option. But now, it’s completely changed my life.” - Heather P, Visian wearer

According to Visian wearers, here are 9 ways life immediately improves with the switch to Visian contacts:
  • ​“My morning routine is shorter and MUCH more enjoyable.”
  • ​“FINALLY! No more end-of-day dryness from my contact lenses.”
  • ​“No more contacts, solutions, cases, JUNK filling my suitcase - My vacation packing list just got cut in half.”
  • ​“HA! Now I don’t have to feel guilty from wearing my dailies for a week (I know I’m not the only one who does this!).”
  • ​“Ever put them on inside out? Yeah, that trauma won’t happen again.”
  • ​“Sand is no longer my arch-enemy.”
  • ​“It sounds silly, but I’m just so excited that I don’t have to touch my eyes anymore!”
  • ​“I don’t have to worry about falling asleep with my contacts in? YES, PLEASE.”
  • ​“I can swim. And see. At the same time.”
An Investment vs. a Hamster Wheel
Visian sounds like a great option, but what can you expect to pay for this space-age miracle of modern technology?

With traditional contacts, you know the drill - you pay a monthly or semi-annual “fee” for the privilege of continuing to wear them. 

And this fee - it doesn’t end. You're basically renting clear vision. You might pay on and on for decades, depending on when you became a contacts user. It’s a never-ending cycle that racks up tens of thousands of dollars in bills over a lifetime.

Visian ICL offers a way to end the frustration of traditional contacts and the constant hamster wheel of spending money on them.

In fact with Visian ICL, you have a number of investment options, depending on your budget and your preference - payment plans include $0 down, interest-free options and extended payment terms.

The important thing to remember - Visian is a one-time procedure, which means a one-time cost. Visian ICL wearers are putting thousands of dollars back in their pockets by ending the decades-long "clear vision rental" via traditional contacts.

The Visian ICL replaces old school contacts in your life and in your budget, with one important difference: an actual *end* to the spending. No more decades of dumping money into basic contacts. After a few short years of convenient monthly payments, you’re good to go.
Is There a Visian ICL Doctor Near You?
While Visian ICL grows in popularity, many surgeons still have yet to adopt this breakthrough technology. Fortunately for central Texas residents, the nation’s leading expert in the Visian ICL procedure is located right here in San Antonio.

Dr. Greg Parkhurst has helped thousands of people (including his own wife) make the switch from typical contacts to the Visian Implantable Contact Lens.

To determine if the Visian is right for you, click here to schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Parkhurst and his team.

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